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NTHU Division of Student Activities
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Staff of Division of Student Activites

Section Director

Dr.LU, Ming-Yen Ext. 62070

1. Integrate overall businesses

2. Plan, manage and promote affairs of the Division of Student Activities

3. Manage the space and equipments of clubs and the Division of Students Activities

4. Allocate and budget funds concerning businesses for the Division of Student Activities

Executive Officer

Ms.YU, Li-Mei Ext: 62077

1. Manage and implement overall businesses of the Division of Student Activities

2. Arts clubs related businesses

3. T/N funding management

4. Scholarships for international exchange programs

5. Integrated services (Personnel & Accounting) 

6. Organize the NTHU Elite Camp / Revise Student Clubs Rules and Regulations and its Handbook

Senior Clerk

Ms.WU, Hui-Ting Ext. 62075

1. Administrative unit meeting/ University affairs meeting/ Administrative affairs meeting (Accounting)

2. International volunteers (including University System of Taiwan)

3. Manage budgets for part-time students & part-time administrative assistants

4. High School Teacher camp at NTHU

5. Monthly club meeting of the Division of Student Activities

Administrative Assistant

Mr.CHEN, Min-Te Ext. 62076

1. Student congress ,Special Function Teams & sports clubs (including outdoor climbing wall) related businesses

2. Receive senior high school students

3. Mei-Chu intercollegiate competition (Schedule planning/Mei-Chu preparatory committee)

4. Manage property of club/ the Division of Student Activities

5. Club Evaluation (distributions of club offices)

6. Tuition fee for club instructors (including certificates of appointment & campus passes)

Administrative Assistant

Ms.YANG, Wen-Ting Ext. 34718

1. Service club (B) & NTHU Student Association

2. Summer/winter camp related businesses

3. Mei-Chu intercollegiate competition (Mei-Chu campaign/ Mei-Chu Work Club)

*Service club (B) includes BlueSky Club, NTHU Love, Torch Service Association, Happy Children Club、Tzu Chi Club, Care Life Club, Rover Scout, Science Service Club, NTHU Damily Club)

Administrative Assistant

Ms.LIN, Peng-Yu Ext. 62074

1. Autonomy Clubs related businesses 

2. Organize the Cross-Strait Academic Exchanges (including the game of go and bridge)

3. Application of new clubs, handover of club core members, rewards & penalties of club core members, certifications of extracurricular activities

4. School anniversary celebration related business (school fair & concerts)

5. China Youth Corps related businesses

6. Shing-Jian Award related business

7. Application of far-voyage plane tickets

Administrative Assistant

Ms.WANG, I-Ling Ext. 62073

1. Service club (A)*/ General clubs related businesses

2. In charge of Summer Institute in Taiwan (SIT) program

3. The project of secondary/elementary school in educational priority areas

4. College/University Expo

5. Receive international students/visitors

6. International Young Ambassador exchange 

*Service club (A) includes NTHU Aboriginal Cultural Club, NTHU Wenfu Club, NTHU Education Equality Club, NTHU Group Camp Club, NTHU Why You Club, NTHU Group Camp Club, Tsing Hua Friendship Ambassador Association (TFAA) & NTHU Bliss and Wisdom Youth

Administrative Assistant

Ms.LIN, Ya-Chi Ext. 62071

1. Skill clubs related businesses/ Cultivation of talents for Mei-Chu intercollegiate competition

2. Facilities/ equipment management (including procurement, or purchasing, of technical goods and services)

3. Procurement for office stationery 

4. Gifts management

5. The Campaign of University System of Taiwan

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Wu, Ren-Yu Ext. 62072

1. Academic clubs related businesses

2. Service-learning relating business

3. The award of Dr. Mei Yi

4. Handbook for freshmen

Research Assistant

Ms.Lin, Yu-Shuan  Ext: 62070

1. Music clubs & NTHU Alumni Association/ graduation activities related businesses

2.  In charge of Summer Institute in Taiwan (SIT) program

3. Manage LED Display board at Food Court & Shui Mu Student Center

4. Association of East Asian Research Universities (AEARU) related businesses

5. Maintain the websites of the Division of Student Activities

6. Guess Who NTHU- A Lunch Meeting with the presidents

Contract Staff:        

Mr. WU, Hui-Song, Mr. PENG, Hsien-Cheng & YUAN, Chao-Ping Ext. 34719

1. Manage and deal with the applications for electrical equipment

2. Facilities/ equipments management

3. Deliver office documents


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