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About Us

Who Are We?

The Division of Student Activities is the gateway for those who want to participate in school clubs or school activities at NTHU. A wide variety of school activities is held every year at NTHU, including university anniversary celebrations, Meichu Games, summer and winter camps at NTHU. The Division of School activities plays a crucial role in giving assistance and guidance to student clubs and student activities. The Division of Student Activities is in charge of student club counseling, applications for student activities, applications for sites on campus, applications for club certificates and club evaluations. The mission of the Division of School Activities is to give students at NTHU a fuller and exciting college life.

Where are we?

NTHU Division of Student Activities is on the 2nd floor of the Student Activity Center (Mong Man Wai Building) .

What do we do?

The main services of the EAS (Extracurricular Activities of the Students) include:


1. Club Activities

There are approximately 150 clubs at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). They can be classified into nine categories including academic, skills, music, services, sports, art, student associations, general clubs and functional clubs. These student clubs provide opportunities for students to develop their intellectual, social and leadership skills. 









2. Summer and Winter Camps


During summer and winter vacations, various camps are held by the clubs at NTHU, which are intended for senior high school students in Taiwan. The purpose of summer and winter camps is for participants to know and learn more about the disciplines they are interested in.










3. Meichu Game

Every spring, NTHU and her neighboring university, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), jointly hold the annual Meichu Game, which is probably the most exciting and important event of the year. Throughout the Meichu Game, students strengthen their loyalty towards their universities, develop good sportsmanship, and better enhance the relationship with NCTU.







4. University Anniversary Celebration


At the onset of April each year, the university is filled with joyful atmosphere in celebration for the University Anniversary. The festivities include concerts, fairs and various conferences. Everyone surely can join in this great event to share this joy with us!







5. NTHU International Volunteer

As the old saying goes, “Reading a thousand books widens our knowledge; traveling a thousand miles broadens our horizon; serving a thousand people accomplish both.” In recent years, National Tsing Hua University has promoted a new project called the “NTHU International Volunteering Project,” to cultivate student’s international mindedness. It has been operating since 2007, and the program has already supported hundreds of students volunteering overseas. They have gone to Asia, Central America and Africa. Countries they went to include China, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Belize, Ghana, Tanzania, and the Republic of Sierra Leone. The students selected for this program are outstanding academically and are passionate about serving others; they must prepare and train for the project over one year to learn how to cooperate with each other and do their service with a strong sense of responsibility. After they returned from their service, volunteers share their experiences with students and also encourage them to join this program. They hope they can give more assistance to others. They welcome other students to join them; being an international volunteer not only can positively influence others, but students themselves can become more broad-minded, and compassionate towards those in need. 

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