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Clubs Activities

There are approximately 150 clubs at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). They can be classified into nine categories including academic, skills, music, services, sports, art, student associations, general clubs and functional clubs. These student clubs provide opportunities for students to develop their intellectual, social and leadership skills. Here is the Introduction of the clubs at NTHU:

NTHU Art Clubs

Art is the greatest legacy of human civilization. Creating and appreciating arts can cultivate your mind, unleash your cultural and artistic potential and help you explore the charm of art. NTHU Art Clubs are groups of “Artistic and Culturally-motivated Young People” which specialize in fields such as dancing, photography, painting, literature and other artistic performances; an active performance and a photographic exhibition are both the feast of art rich in creativity, providing students an artistic atmosphere throughout the campus. For art lovers and those who have an enthusiasm for art, Arts Clubs can fulfill your dream, and help you explore your artistic potential. We welcome you to join us and let your life become more delightful through art.

Lists of Art Clubs

NTHU Calligraphy Club

NTHU Photo Club

NTHU Folkdance Club

NTHU Anime Club

NTHU Drama Club

NTHU Pop Dance Club

NTHU Ball Dance Club

NTHU Dance Workshop

NTHU Color-guard

NTHU Style Club

NTHU Deportment and Etiquette Club

Academic Clubs

Academic Clubs are aimed at developing dialectic reasoning and academic skills. In the recent years, they have also concerned about the issues related to environmental preservation, entrepreneurship awareness and gender equality. Academic clubs care about nature, society, humanity and even the meaning of life. They are eager to explore the world through researching and reasoning.

Lists of Academic Clubs

Chinese Institute of Engineer

NTHU Astroclub

Wisdom Bell Buddism Club

AIESEC in Taiwan NTHU Local Committee

Heart Chan Club

Nature Conservation Association

Morning Star Club

Faith Hope Love Fellowship

Teenagers Leadership Practice Club

Campus Crusade for Christ Fellowship

Koinona Christian Fellowship

Gender Studies

The Clubs of Science and the Soul

Buddist Enlightment Club


By Liberal Gender

Love Service in Taiwan


We style

Tsing Hua International Community (TICO)

Tsing Hua International Start-up

NTHU Service Clubs

Showing love and care for people is the starting point for every service club. Service clubs take action by helping others, for example, by providing different kinds of services. During the school years, through service-learning, they plan programs to help clubs in elementary schools and high schools to serve their community. Camp activities for those who have fewer education resources, for physically and mentally challenged people are organized every summer and winter vacations. Cultural camp activities are also held every year for aboriginal groups such as tutoring, giving volunteer medical consultation and taking part in agricultural activities. Other issues such as science education, international volunteer work, animal welfare, life education, religious concerns, and environmental protection are also vital parts of service clubs. By taking the initiative in engaging in these various activities, club members are rewarded with the experience of communicating and cooperating with others better, giving them confidence and cultivating their abilities to improve our society.

Lists of Service Clubs

NTHU Science Service Club

NTHU Aboriginal Culture Club

NTHU Rover Scout

NTHU Group Game Club

NTHU Wen Fu Club

NTHU Why You Club

NTHU BlueSky Club

NTHU Torch Serice Association

NTHU Happy Children Club

NTHU Love Club

NTHU Tzu Chi Young Club

NTHU Care Life Club

NTHU Friendship Ambassador Association

NTHU Education Equality Club

NTHU Bliss and Wisdom Youth

NTHU Skill Clubs

National Tsing Hua University is blessed with numerous talented individuals. Not only are students at NTHU outstanding in academic fields, but also are excellent in extracurricular activities. NTHU Skill clubs are driving forces to help students build up their skills. Unlike other clubs at NTHU, NTHU Skills Clubs are very diverse. Some clubs focus on learning life skills. Other clubs devote themselves to the development of the mind and still other clubs mainly place emphasis on language training. Students at NTHU can pursue their interests and benefit a lot from skill clubs.

Lists of Skill Clubs

NTHU Debating Club

NTHU Bridge Club

NTHU Herb Club

NTHU Cook Club

NTHU Chinese Chess Club

NTHU Beverage-Art Research Club

NTHU Go Club

NTHU Board Game Club

NTHU Chess Club

NTHU Music Clubs

Music can exert a favorable influence on our mind, recharging our inner spirits with fresh vigor. The Cheng-Kung lakeside is the hub of the wonderful music clubs. NTHU Music Clubs members are considered elegant and graceful. They are interested in a wide variety of music for both solo act and group performance including classical, pop music, vocal and instrumental music. Even though they are amateur musicians, their passion for music is no less than that of professionals. Every year during the school anniversary, one of the highlights is the performance of music clubs. The music clubs present varied and outstanding performances which guarantee everyone to have a good time watching. Furthermore, these music clubs also regularly participate in off-campus contests to bring honor to our university. They are truly the most dynamic groups at NTHU!

List of Music Clubs

NTHU Chinese Music Club

NTHU Gu Jeng Club

NTHU Wind Band

NTHU Strings Club

NTHU Piano Club

NTHU Harmonica Club

NTHU Guitar Club


NTHU Glee Club

NTHU Chinese Drum Club

NTHU Sports Clubs

Where can you hear the ear-splitting yelling? Who have the sweat-dripping passion? Welcome to the family of sports clubs. National Tsing Hua University is a university that focuses on developing every essential aspect of the students, including physical development. The regular exercise habit makes your body healthier and mind stronger. NTHU Sport clubs provide opportunities for students alike to enjoy sport recreationally as well as professionally. There are various sports clubs you can join, and you will be fascinated by sports, including ball games, martial arts, bike, horseback riding, and cheerleading. Because you can never get your youth back, don’t curb your enthusiasm. To build a healthier future, Join the sports clubs, and then sweat on the playground, show your passion rooted in your heart.

List of Sports Clubs

NTHU Mountain Climbing Club

NTHU Martial Art Club

NTHU Kendo Club

NTHU Bicycle Club

NTHU Judo Club

NTHU Tennis Club

NTHU Falun Dafa Club

NTHU Cheerleading

NTHU Taekando Club

NTHU Yoga Club

NTHU Equestrianism Club

NTHU Golf Club

NTHU Archery Club

NTHU Sanda Kickboxing Club

NTHU Softball Club

NTHU Diving Club

NTHU Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club

NTHU Student Association (Autonomy Clubs)

NTHU student associations are comprised of the Student Union, Student Congress, Graduate School Student Union and the student associations from different departments. The Student Union, Student Congress and Graduate School Student Union are not only channels of communication, but protectors of the right of NTHU students. They also often organize events such as club exhibitions and university concerts. Additionally, student associations from different departments are responsible for department-related measures. They also organize events such as the welcome camp to help students build up closer relationships with each other. It also serves as an opportunity for professors and students to communicate better.

List of Autonomy Clubs

Graduate School Student Union

NTHU Student Union

NTHU Student Congress

NTHU Department of Engineering and System Science Student Association

NTHU Department of Mathematics Student Association

NTHU Department of Department of Physics Student Association

NTHU Department of Department of Chemical Engineering Student Association

NTHU Department of Department of Materials Science and Engineering Student Association

NTHU Department of Department of Chemical Engineering Student Association

NTHU Department of Power Mechanical Engineering Student Association

NTHU Department of Industrial Engineering Student Association

NTHU Department of Electrical Engineering Student Association

NTHU Department of Chinese Language and Literature Student Association

NTHU Department to Foreign Languages and Literature Student Association

NTHU Department of Economics Student Association

NTHU Department of Computer Science Student Association

NTHU Department of Life Sciences Student Association

NTHU Department of Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Sciences Student Association

NTHU Association for Students in Teacher Education

NTHU Department of Quantitative Finance Student Association

NTHU Interdisciplinary program of science Student Association

NTHU Department of Double Specialty Program of Management and Technology Student Association

NTHU Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Student Association

NTHU Department of Interdisciplinary Program of Engineering student Association

NTHU Department of Interdisciplinary Program of Nuclear Science Student Association

NTHU Department of Institute of Photonics Technologies

NTHU Department of Undergraduate Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Student Association

NTHU Department of Medical Science Student Association

NTHU General Clubs and Associations

NTHU General Clubs and Associations are comprised of students who came from Taiwan or foreign countries. They are formed depending on which high school or which region they come from; they are also formed by transfer students, overseas Chinese, alumnus and foreign students. Students who come from the same places feel at home and gain comfort during their days at NTHU, and they even can form mutually helpful relationships. An example is during holiday seasons when they could reserve a charter to go back to their homes to reduce ticket price. In addition, NTHU General Clubs and Associations often hold food and cultural exhibitions. These exhibitions often make quite a splash on campus.

List of General Clubs and Associations

NTHU Overseas Chinese Student Association

NTHU Alumni Association

NTHU Foreign Students Association

NTHU Transfer Students Association

CK&TFG Alumni Association

NTHU Fuhzong Alumni Association

NTHU Zhongshan Alumni Association

NTHU Hsinchu&Miaoli Alumni Association

NTHU ChengKung&JingMei Alumni Association

NTHU Taichung Alumni Association

NTHU Tainan Alumni Association

NTHU Kaohsiung Alumni Association

NTHU Lanyang Alumni Association

NTHU Hualien Alumni Association

NTHU Changhua Alumni Association

NTHU Wu Ling Alumni Association

NTHU Kinmen Alumni Association

NTHU SongShan Alumni Association

NTHU Viator Alumni Association

NTHU Penghu Alumni Association

NTHU Neihu Alumni Association

NTHU Yanping Alumni Association

NTHU YunLin&ChiaYi Alumni Association

NTHUBanqiao Alumni Association

NTHU Zhong-LunAlumni Associatio

NTHU Pingtung Alumni Association

NTHU Taoyuan Alumni Association

NTHU NantouAlumni Association

NTHU Chinese Student Association

NTHU Special Function Teams

In addition to various kinds of student clubs, there are groups of people who not only share same interests, but also play important roles in holding big events on campus. There are eight special function teams responsible for different tasks, such as receiving guests, creating radio programs about university-related news, promoting arts and cultural activities such as literary awards. They also conduct and advertise campaign of the MeiChu Game once a year. Having good organizational structure and training programs, special function teams are dedicated to improving the image of the school and to organizing big events at NTHU with great passion and strong motivation.

List of Special Function Teams

NTHU Movies

NTHU Meichu Prepartary Committee

NTHU Meichu Working Team

NTHU Exchange and Reception Student Ambassador

NTHU Art Service Team

NTHU Broadcast Station

NTHU CampusTour

NTHU Yue Han