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Announcements on LED Display Boards at NTHU

Here are regulations for how students should post announcements on LED Display Boards at NTHU:

  1. Please follow the Rules of LED Display Board Management at the Food Court and the Shui Mu Student Center. Announcements can only be posted academic events, administrative events, artistic and cultural events, student events and alumni events at NTHU. If contents of the announcements exceed the bounds of decency accepted by society or are related to politics, religions, business or personal advertisements, they are not allowed to be posted.
  2. When to apply to make announcements on LED display boards:

     You could apply to make announcements from Monday through Thursday if you want to your announcement to appear the following week.

  1. Length of displaying time for announcements: Announcements can only be posted for a week, from the following Monday to following Sunday after you apply.
  2. The rules for LED Display Boards

       (1) No announcement can exceed 30 words (including punctuation). If your announcement exceeds 30 words, it will be considered invalid and will not be allowed to be posted on LED display boards.

       (2) Each club or each administrative unit can only apply 2 announcements per week.

      (3) The maximum of announcements: The maximum for clubs is 50 per week. The maximum for administrative units is 30 per week. If announcements exceed 80, the first applicant has the priority to post his/her announcement.
  1. If you want to cancel the announcement, please cancel three days before it is scheduled for posting.
  2. Please click on the following links to make announcements. Make sure you fill in the blank correctly.